Our Electrical Contractors in Jacksonville Are Commercial & Residential Audio Video Component Experts

When it comes to audio-video, we’ll help you project your point of view exactly where you want it. We know the world of custom electronics can be complex and overwhelming so we provide the expertise you need to determine the right solution for your project.

From commercial venues like sports bars with large sound systems and multiple monitors, or soft background music in a restaurant or spa to residential projects featuring more subdued home theater design, relaxing family rooms, or entire home video distribution, we collaborate with contractors, architects, interior designers and other craftsmen to design audio-video systems that fit seamlessly with your décor.

The Process

To ensure you get the right products and service to match your lifestyle, we begin by listening. After we determine your preferences and budget, we custom design and install the electrical system necessary to meet those requirements. We then test the system to evaluate its effectiveness and reliability. When we are satisfied that the system works properly, we hand over the controls and show you how to use them. Finally, we provide you with ongoing support when you need it.


From the most discerning audiophile to the more casual entertainer, we will work with you to create the right audio system for you and your facility. From the amplifiers to the speakers, we have the right products and the expertise to ensure your system is properly designed and well-executed. Our speaker solutions include flush in-wall, in-ceiling, and invisible installation, as well as custom wood finishes and exterior products.


We’re experts when it comes to video systems. From plasma and LCD screens to systems with front or rear projection, we can help you determine the right video sources for your individual needs. We specialize in motorized lifts, “no-black-bar” technologies, fixed and motorized screens, and outdoor television and movie systems. Our custom commercial video solutions include multiple commercial monitors with both single and multiple content sources for sports bars, arenas, dental offices and other venues. We also offer discretely installed multiple residential monitors for home theaters, family rooms and backyard venues.

Content Resources

We deliver the best audio and video equipment custom-designed to project the sights and sounds you want using your preferred content resources. That means we can design and install audio-video systems that integrate with the media resources you enjoy, including. Blu-ray technology, DVDs, CDs, digital audio and video, including iPods and other MP3 and MP4 devices, home videos, photographs, Internet content, gaming systems, reel-to-reel and vinyl.


Audio-video is all about creating custom environments. At Moore Electric, we collaborate with interior designers, to create the right feel and finish, architects and builders to create and install electrical systems that integrate seamlessly with all lighting, HVAC, and audio-video systems. We’re experts at “quiet” construction consultation. That means we collaborate with other trade professionals to ensure your acoustically correct audio-video experience is not interrupted by other activities in surrounding areas, your HVAC system creates cool, comfortable rooms without the sound of the vents blowing, and lighting control to provide the proper aesthetic and functional illumination.


Automated and activated control systems are the most detailed part of our designs. Our easy-to-use touch-panels, hand-held remotes, wall-mounted key-pads integrate seamlessly to provide intuitive, reliable controls for every electrical system in your facility delivering one-touch power-on capabilities with predetermined air, illumination and volume levels.