Our Electricians in Jacksonville Develop Automated Systems That Put You in Control

At Moore Electric, we define automated control as systems responding to everyday routines without your conscious input. At the same time, we know that often, we change our minds. That’s why our sophisticated control touch-panels, keypads and remotes provide you the convenience of control where you need it, as well as enabling you to use the internet to control your home or office from anywhere in the world.


At home, Moore Electric uses top-of-the-line automated control systems to create any number of scenes to match your lifestyle. For example: A morning scene might automatically adjust the room temperature, turn off outside lighting, open the shades, turn on the fountain, play your jazz favorite at just the right volume, and start the coffee. An away scene, on the other hand, might automatically turn off unnecessary lights, lower the shades, adjust room temperatures and pool pumps for energy savings, and activate security systems.


At commercial and industrial venues, Moore Electric provides electrical systems for security, including card keys, gates, cameras, and code-activated touch-pads, lighting, HVAC, phone and computer networking systems. From the simplest designs to the more complex, we can design and install the perfect solutions to meet all your needs.


Our automated lighting control systems blend natural with artificial light to create the most energy-efficient solutions for both your home and your business. We provide a full range of options from simple occupancy sensors to more advanced automated dimming systems.


At both residential/commercial offices and industrial facilities, our top-of-the-line systems enable you to save energy and gain control by regulating room temperature via automated shades, providing HVAC controls with scheduling and centralized management, and motion-activated lighting.


When it comes to audio–video, we know that, two hand-held remotes are too many that’s why we design systems with a wide range of connectivity and automated controls that makes your system simple and intuitive. With Moore Electric, you’re always in control.

Water Features

We also design automated control systems for both interior and exterior pools, spas and other water features, as well as irrigation controls that include weather-activated sensors.

We use only top-of-the-line technology including:

  • Lutron® Lighting and Shades
  • Marantz Home Entertainment® Systems
  • Sonance Audio
  • Savant Control
  • Access Networks

Given the complexity of automation and integration projects, our custom blueprint designs ensure smooth integration of our control systems with virtually every type of sub-system. Eliminating project delays and providing a long-term reference for support and sustainability.