Our Electricians Design & Install Commercial & Residential Lighting for all Your Needs

At Moore Electric, we understand that all lighting environments are not the same. That’s why we specialize in designing the right energy-saving system for the right job. Our expertise in lighting systems and proper illumination can help improve productivity at work, reduce stress at home, and protect against unnecessary accidents in every environment.

The Process

First we work with you to determine the best system for the job. At work, that means we collaborate with your facilities manager in choosing the right lighting system, the optimal layout and the proper installation to achieve productive lighting levels throughout your office, warehouse or manufacturing facility. At home, it means we consult with your architect, builder, and interior designer to help you select interior lighting fixtures that utilize ambient, task, accent and focal illumination techniques to achieve well-layered designs.

Energy Efficient Resources

At Moore Electric, we take pride in our ability to design and install energy-efficient, cost-saving lighting. We’re experts at utilizing natural daylight harvesting, motorized window shades and coverings, energy-efficient lamps, automated controls and regular system maintenance to achieve the proper illumination for every activity in every environment. Our ability to combine motion activation with preprogrammed control panels and conventional switches to channel light to compliment every situation both in-door and-out is unparalleled.


We design and install cost-effective outdoor security and landscape lighting for commercial buildings, gated entrances, and private homes. Our exterior lighting installations enhance both your surroundings and your safety by lighting walkways, water features and pools, driveways, parking areas and more.

Energy Audits

We perform comprehensive facility energy audits complete with return-on-investment estimates and timetables to help you find new ways to save money while protecting the environment.