Our Jacksonville Electricians Deliver Residential Electrical Systems That Celebrate Your Mood Swings

At Moore Electric, we know that your house is your home. That’s why we bring new meaning to the term mood swings. We design and install electrical foundations that enable you to enjoy more advanced enhancements to your home because, when it comes to your senses, sight and sound are everything.

Electrical Systems

We provide design/build services for new and existing home construction, remodeling, repair services, and energy audits. Our highly-skilled, licensed electricians install safe, secure, reliable electrical systems that enable you to cost-effectively utilize the power you need to fit your everyday lifestyle.


We design and install smart lighting systems to match your lifestyle at home. Choose from our wide selection of decorative fixtures or let us custom design and fabricate lamps and fixtures that capture your unique vision. Either way, our eco-friendly window coverings and shades work in unison with state-of-the-art light sources that use less energy, last longer, and distribute more light evenly. At Moore Electric, our ability to channel light to compliment every situation is unparalleled.

Automated Control Systems

Our top-of-the-line automated control systems and easy-to-use intuitive keypads, touch panels, and remote control devices enable you to use the same room to formally entertain your most discerning friends one minute and your teenager’s casual buddies the next using simple fingertip controls. Ask about our ability to create specialized “scenes” for every occasion.


We design acoustically correct, sound insulated home theaters and media rooms as well as comprehensive home audio-video systems that integrate smoothly with iPods and other portable devices.

Computers and Communications

We know that communications and computers play a large role in the life you lead. That’s why we provide complete workstation wiring and family computer networking that let’s you control your children’s Internet access and, at the same time, gives them the freedom to explore new worlds, chat with friends and finish their homework. We also design and install phone system cabling, audio video systems, closed circuit television, and access control, including security gates.

Outdoor and Landscape Systems

In addition to both sensory and switch-activated residential landscape lighting, we design and install electrical systems for automated pool and water-feature control as well as complete outdoor audio-video systems that integrate seamlessly with your interior systems.

Energy Savings

We utilize daylight harvesting, energy audits, economical light sources, automated HVAC control systems and motorized window treatments along with energy-saving solutions that save you money.


We install generators, surge protectors, and uninterrupted power supply systems to keep you up and running in the roughest weather.